Home Energy Score

Please Note: Credible Home Inspections NO LONGER provides Home Energy Scores

The City of Portland Home Energy Score ordinance will take effect on January 1, 2018, requiring sellers of single-family homes to disclose a Home Energy Report and Score at time of listing.

What Is a Home Energy Score?

A sample Portland Home Energy Score report.

  • A City of Portland Home Energy Score is a simple energy efficiency assessment for your home.
  • Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, a Home Energy Score assesses a home’s overall energy efficiency based on its structure, heating and cooling systems, and hot water system.
  • It rates your home on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 indicating high energy use and 10 indicating low energy use. The score is regionally adjusted for your climate. The average score for a home is set at 5.
  • Your energy score also details facts about your home, estimated energy use, improvements that could be made to your home for higher energy efficiency, and what your new home score might be if you made the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I don’t have a Home Energy Score?

Sellers may receive a civil penalty of $500, and an additional $500 for every additional 180 days your home in on the market! With Credible Home Inspections you pay as little as $99*, so why take the risk?

How long is a score valid for?

Your Home Energy Score is valid for 8 years. The printed report is valid for 2 years. Meaning, you can rerun your report online to update the information to reflect up to date utility prices as time passes. Even if you may not be selling your house right away, it would be a great idea to score your home and see where improvements can be made before putting it on the market!

How fast can I get my score?

We typically have reports completed within the same day. Please keep in mind we must use USDOE (United States Department of Energy), and City of Portland databases to complete your score and cannot guarantee, as delays may be caused from their systems.

Not sure if your home falls within Portland city limits?

Please be aware even if your address says “Happy Valley” or “Clackamas” there are some addresses that technically fall in the “Portland” jurisdiction and must have an assessment completed. Enter the street address in portlandmaps.com, then check to see if the jurisdiction is listed as “Portland.”

* $100 rebate when combined with completing your next Home Inspection with Credible Home Inspections 6 months from the date of your Home Energy Score. Normal price of $199 is due at time of assessment.  This offer valid until 4/15/18.